About Dr. Pearson’s No-Drill Rail Mounts

What started out of a need for a rail for the Winchester Model 94 and Rossi Model 92 that required no fancy tools or gunsmith work, such as drilling and tapping, resulted in a first-of-its-kind rail system allowing the use of optics or other accessories that just about anyone could install in minutes. The idea for Pearson’s Tacrail began in a shop by inventor Dr. Basil Person and grew to great levels as he created unique, durable and solid product used by thousands of lever gun enthusiasts and other gun owners.

Dr. Pearson’s rails have been purchased, shipped and installed world wide from Australia to Europe and anywhere in between. These mounts are solid as a rock and will last a lifetime on your rifle.

Dr. Pearson is a Vietnam Veteran and was a turbine engine mechanic, working on helicopters like this early model Cobra in during the Vietnam War during his time in the US Army. This Cobra is the only one left from Dr Pearson’s original unit.
Dr. Basil Pearson

No-Drill Modern Optic Solutions