Installation Instructions and How to Sight in Your Gun

View of Rear Sight

Make Sure Firearm is UNLOADED.

Secure firearm in a padded vice or other holding device close to the rear sight dovetail.

Drive out the rear sight with a brass drift punch or equivalent, Left to Right.

Install the dovetail block from the small package, Right to Left, centering as close as possible. The block MAY require some fitting, depending on your rifle. If too big, file slightly to fit snugly, or if too loose, use a center punch to peen the underside of the block for a tighter fit. You want it to fit as snug as possible.

Remove the link pin retaining screw. It’s the larger screw on the upper front left side of the receiver.

Use a drop of medium thread locker on all threads before installing.

Install the longer set screw in the block and tighten with a 3/32nd Allen wrench. Do not over-tighten.

Gross windage adjustments can be made here if your optic won’t zero.

Install the sight rail and hold in place with the provided special link-pin retaining screw, again, using a medium thread locker.

Make sure sight groove lines up with the front sight.

Next, install the 5/16” hex nut on the set screw stud, using a drop of thread locker. Again, do not over-tighten these screws; just make sure they are good and snug.

Adjust the front set screw down to just touch the barrel and lock it in place with the hex nut.

Your Pearson’s Sight Rail is now ready for the installation of any optic you choose. This rail will accommodate a lightweight IER or “Scout” scope. Make sure the eye end of the scope doesn’t extend back past the front of the bolt or it will interfere with the ejection of spent cartridges when cycling the rifle. Using an extended front ring will make mounting on some scout scopes much easier. Red Dot Optics, Holographic sights, Reflex sights, lasers, lights, and more are recommended. Enjoy using modern optics on your Winchester Model 94/92 and Rossi Model 92! Check out our Optics Page for our premier selections of the best optics and make a combo order of a rail and optic in one shipment!

Warranty: One Year Warranty on materials and workmanship. Does not cover stripped threads or abuse. No other warranty is expressed or implied.


These rails are for the carbine (20″ or less barrels), however, the rail may fit some rifle length barrels if they fit the above measurements or can be custom drilled if inside 6″ from the front of receiver.
Pearson Rails will not fit any take-down guns.

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