Review of Pearson’s TacRails from FishGame.com‘s Podcast The Best of The Outdoors

  Praise for
Dr. Pearson’s No-Drill Rail Mounts

Hi, it’s JUNIOR from Canada.

Wanted to thank you for your patience helping me get the right product for my winchester 30-30.

So good I hit a 10 point buck yesterday..llllol

188 lbs

From 100 yards.

I’ve been looking to bring my puma r92 carbine hog slayer into the 21st century with a optic/red dot and I couldn’t find anything that would mount to my gun without major gunsmithing or some janky chinezum mount that would fall off after shooting.  Then I came across this product while surfing the web and I’m disappointed in my self for not looking harder in the beginning it would’ve saved me a lot of headache if I came here first! The mount is truly amazing and simple to install it held up with no issues and kept my carbine zeroed if you have a r92 that you wanted to spice up get this mount!

Thank you very much 

It all worked out really good, easy to install and it worked out fine with a modern tactical four end.
Here’s some pictures if you want them for ability to show Customer’s that you’re rail will work with other accessories.

Originally produced as a collector’s edition, the Centennial ’66 was also one of the most accurate Winchesters ever designed, supporting a 26” octagon barrel, weighing 8 lbs and chambered in the famous 30-30 caliber.

I found Dr. Pearson’s tactical rail mounts specifically made for the Winchester ’94. Although created for the carbine version and a non octagon barrel I ordered one anyway, since they were affordable enough to experiment with. With a little tweaking and smith work of my own I was able to fit the rail perfectly to my ’66 rifle.
I also found a period correct scope made by Redfield. In 1966 Redfield manufactured a scope specifically engineered for the Winchester ’94; their FrontIER (intermediate eye relief) 2x scope with 9” of eye relief.

The perfect gun and scope combination made possible with the Pearson Rail without the need to drill and tap the barrel. Thanks!

Indrek Kongats
Breakaway Classic Adventures

Dr. Pearson,

Thank you very much for processing my order of this “ simple and very effective mount system”. Tap and drill is not what most gun owners like to do with these famous Win firearms, especially if in good condition. Mine is a 1954 model 94, given to me by an old botanist who wondered across B C searching for plant samples used by University labs across N A. This rifle, as he told me, was protection against bears, big cats, etc. He never told a story about any  serious such encounter, so I suspect, It has likely not fired more than a few boxes of ammo. I am very happy not to have altered or messed with it prior to learning about your product. All the best to you.      


The rail arrived today.  Install was easy, looks goofy having a Sig Romeo 5 on top of a Rossi 92, but my old eyes don’t do buckhorns like they used to.  Nice product. Machining is clean and your instructions are good.  Thanks a ton!

Tim Phillips

Dr. Pearson,

Thank you very much for processing my order of this “ simple and very effective mount system”. Tap and drill is not what most gun owners like to do with these famous Win firearms, especially if in good condition. Mine is a 1954 model 94, given to me by an old botanist who wondered across B C searching for plant samples used by University labs across N A. This rifle, as he told me, was protection against bears, big cats, etc. He never told a story about any  serious such encounter, so I suspect, It has likely not fired more than a few boxes of ammo. I am very happy not to have altered or messed with it prior to learning about your product. All the best to you.      


Hi Basil,

its Kyle from Durban,South Africa. I cleaned my .357/38 special lever action rifle and finalized the adjustments of my scope,this is going to make a awesome pig rifle.

I bait the pigs and shoot 28 metres. Please see the attachment. Zero for 25 metres. I shot 3 rounds at the target.
Thanks once again for an awesome tactical scope rail.
Kyle Rawlinson

Hello friends, I am from Mexico of the state of Coahuila, I am the owner of a Winchester 94 Pre 64 rifle, and in my country it is impossible to find a mount for this type of sight, but thanks to this product my rifle is perfect!

From Mexico! Excellent product and service.

Even though I don’t have the required tools, I was able to mount it very easy!

I love it!

V. Valle

I ordered a rail, weaver rings, and vortex scout scope on Friday, 11-16-18 for my Winchester Model 94 top eject rifle. Within an hour of placing my online order, I had a shipping number. On Monday, 11-19-18, I received my purchased items. That afternoon, I had it installed and mounted by my gunsmith. Took him 30 minutes. I want to say, that the first thing that impressed me was that you had everything I wanted in stock at a reasonable price, second, your quick shipping totally impressed me. There is no place that I can think of that ships that fast at the price you charge for shipping. Totally amazed! Once the items were mounted, I am again impressed. This combination fits my Winchester 94 and my eyeballs just perfect. I have never had a scope setup that has been so perfect. I have not shot the rifle with the setup yet, but at least I can shoulder it and see through the scope immediately. No moving my head or eyes to see through the scope, I lift it to my shoulder, look, and wham, I can see immediately. 

I watched the gunsmith install the rail, and it looked easy. Could have done it myself if I had a vice and bore scope. I want to say that you have gained a very satisfied customer, and I have already referred you to a couple of my friends that are looking for a setup like mine. Thank you for your awesome customer service!

A very satisfied customer,

Gene Hurst

One 80 yard shot through the brush while walking with my old 30-30 using Hornady LEVEREVOLUTION® ammo. I love this setup!

Mark C.

I recently inherited a 1952 Winchester Model ’94. A beautiful example in great condition. With my eyes being what the are, the iron sights just weren’t going to do it for me. I came across the Pearson Tacrail and liked what it offered. Long story short it is now mounted on the rifle and I’m back in the saddle, so to speak. Dr. Pearson’s product is completely as advertised. Easy mount, gun does not have to be altered with the optics up and running lickety split. Communication with DR. Pearson is nothing shy of immediate. Super experience all around. Thanks Dr. Pearson.

Courtenay, BC

Two years past I had eye surgery and I thought my lever action deer hunts were over, then I found you.

This is my Winchester 94 in 30-30 with your no-drill mount and I am back to a 100 yards again, 1 MOA shot every time.

Thanks so much and the installation was a breeze.

Gary Q.
Tillamook, Oregon


This rail by far is the best invention ever. After receiving it in 1 day after placing order, I watched installation video on the web site and had my new rail system installed in about 10 minutes. I placed the scope and went off to the range for testing with iron sights and scope. Now I love to shoot this 115 year old Winchester 38-55 with iron sights, but… holding iron sites in the exact same spot at 100 yards is difficult.
The beautiful thing about this rail is if you want to shoot iron sights again, just take it off, remember no holes so rifles is back to original. The photos shows 8 shots at 100 yards off of a bag. The lower 4 shots (white paper) are with iron sights, not too bad. The green tape (upper) 4 shots with scope – that is sub MOA. Even better! If you want to ring out all the accuracy your rifle can give you nothing beats the repetitive alignment of a scope. I know there are people who can shoot that accurately with iron sights. I can’t so this system fits my needs perfectly.
Steve N.
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Praise for the Universal Rail

Dear Dr. Pearson,

I am pleased to report that your dovetail adapter worked flawlessly on my 1873 Win Uberti replica.   I sighted it in with .357 Mag and a Bushnell  red dot.  I used the 3/8 inch (small) dovetail and I tapped in without requiring any modification.  Field shooting was excellent after I got it locked down tight.

Good design and nice quality.

Very truly yours,

David D.

I have a Winchester 94 Classic 30-30 top eject rifle with iron sights I can no longer use at my age. I tried the Pearson No Drill Tac rail system with the optional scout scope and found this system wonderful. I encourage any Winchester 94 owner wishing to scope their rifle to buy the Pearson’s Tac rail system. It is the best on the market and allows for extremely fast aim acquisition and shooting. I am proud to recommend this system to all 94 owners.

-Keith Cauley, Monticello, Utah

[My hog hunt] was a success and I’m very pleased with your product. I got a lot of complements on the rail mount.
Thank You.
-James Cordova

Ordered the rail and sight on Monday. They showed up today (Saturday). Took about 15 minutes to mount everything. Went out to zero everything. Holy crap! I should have done this 10 years ago. Between this system and Hornady ammo my eyes feel like theyre 20 years old again. Thanks for an awesome sighting system!!!!

From our Facebook page:

Folks, these mounts are rock solid and work like a charm! I installed one a couple years ago on a Model 94 Trapper in 44 Mag that I use as a camp/trailer gun when my wife and I are traveling and fishing here in Alaska.

As my eyes aged I found it progressively more difficult to use the irons. But this mount fixed that. I have two sights zeroed to this weapon, an Ultradot 30MM and a Burris Fastfire III with 8 MOA dot. I can switch back and forth with ease and minimal loss of zero (if any – this rifle has never been a tack driver!). And I have never had any loosening or shifting of the mount despite dozens of range and fishing trips.

Excellent. Product.
Gary R.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that it is a great product! Easy to mount and it looks great on my Winchester Modle 94 I have mounted a quick release on the H1
Aimpoint so I can snap it of and use the iron sights too.

I am so glad I found your website while searching the internet for ‘mounting options for top eject rifles’. I could not be more pleased with the rail I purchased for my Winchester 30-30 model 100! Great quality, and what an absolute breeze to install.  I previously have side-mounted my optics due
to the top eject on the 30-30, but always found that to be quite a pain due to several reasons. It took 10 minutes to install, and now this gun is set to take on any kind of optic I can imagine in the traditional top mount placement.
Thank you again, Basil.
Jarrod B.
Austin, TX

Dr. Pearson,

Here’s a pic from my hunt last week in the Black Hills. Your scope mounting system worked just fine. I really like your design because I didn’t need to drill any holes in my rifle. My grandpa bought the model 94 new in 1946 and
its still in excellent condition. I had trouble with the original iron sights because
of my bifocals but mounting the scope cleared up those problems. I chose a weaver 4X scout scope and it fits perfect with low base rings.

Thanks again,
Barry T.
Madelia, MN

Hello Basil,

I wanted to write you and thank you for your fast delivery. On Friday I emailed with a question, heard back from you. Then ordered your no drill mount and now it’s 1pm Monday and it’s already installed on my rifle. First your customer service is amazing. Second I have to say I am not a handy man. My wife let’s me destroy things but can’t fix anything. Your mount was so easy I could do
it. Probably easy enough a caveman could install it. Went on smooth and fast. I can not thank you enough for a great, easily installed mount.
Jim C.

Thank you very much for the rail mount for my model 94.  Everything went smoothly together.  Took it to the range this weekend.  Target acquisition was very fast.  Glad to bring  it into the 21st century.  Now onto some hog

A very satisfied customer!!!
Raymond B

I wanted to add my story to the numerous ones that I’m sure you’ve received
concerning your No-Drill Winchester Tactical Rail and say ‘thank you’ for a great product.  I had inherited a Model 94 a few years ago from my uncle who
had passed away.  It is a top-eject and, as you can guess, I was having trouble finding a suitable mounting bracket without having to alter the rifle.  This
rifle holds a lot of memories for me from all the years that we would go out and either hunt or just do target practice somewhere and I really didn’t want to change it up in any way.  My 9-yr old son is now starting to deer hunt with me and I thought it would be a good option for him because it’s a smaller, lighter rifle, but it definitely needed a scope to at least get it a little more accurate.  This was a great option!  Thanks again for helping me preserve my memories and to make some new ones now with my son.

God Bless,

Tim D.
Bartlett, TN

Follow-Up Email

Dr. Pearson,

I had written you back in the Spring thanking you for a great product.  What can I say other than this thing works!  Thanks for helping put a smile on my son’s face and helping him get that first deer.

Mounted on a Winchester Model 94 and using a long-eye relief scope.

Tim D.
Bartlett, TN

Hey Basil,

Just a quick note. After speaking with you yesterday, and re-watching your instruction videos several more times, I want to say that you may have missed calling as a Mechanical Engineer. I worked at NASA as a Mechanical Engineer and Machinist for 18 years and saw MANY other engineers and trade folks that never even came close to your design skills or manufacturing
abilities. I have never been to Colorado, but if I do make it there, I’d to see your facility, and of course, meet you and shake your hand. I will be ordering a mount for my Mares Leg very soon as a Christmas gift. Please keep up the great work. Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,

Grant P.

Hi Basil!

I ordered and received one of your No-Drill Mounts for my Model 94 and I must say that I am extremely happy with it, the ship time was fast, the build
quality of the mount is top notch and the ease of install was a cinch. After taking the rifle to the range I must say this gun that I bought as a 17 year
old in 1974 and has been sitting in the safe for the past few years has been revitalized and will be my main deer rifle for the Georgia woods this season,
all because of the addition of the mount and a scout scope … I am more than happy with your mount and just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and your awesome product!

Take care,

Rick F.

Hi Basil,

It was a straight forward installation and yes I have now entered the 21st century. My old eyes can focus on the dot perfectly and no problem sighting
the Bushnell in.

I made up a new holster with a longer slot in the front and a little wider to accommodate the width of the rail attached to the receiver.

Kindest regards,

Hi Basil,

I received your mount a couple weeks ago for my pre-64 Win 94 30-30 and today received the scope that I wanted mounted on the rifle. I chose a Burris
2.75X scout scope. Taking the rifle to the range I was able to shrink my groups down to 1-1/2 to 2 MOA at 100 yards easily. Attached is a photo of my Win
94. Thanks for a brilliantly designed scope mount.

J. N.

Sonora, California

To Basil,

Mate just a quick note complimenting you on your product and service.
I ordered a Tactical Rail for my brand new model 94 three weeks ago from way over here in Perth Western Australia.

Once I placed the order you provided an immediate response confirming dispatch and the item arrived within 10 days (can’t even get that quick a delivery from stuff I order here in Australia). I’ve fitted the rail which took all of ten minutes (mainly because I was being very careful not to drop and lose a component in my messy workshop), I’ve fitted a reflex red dot scope and the whole thing is just perfect, everything fitted together like a dream (normally when you buy stuff it seems never to be quite right and always needs adjusting or modifying). But not the Pearson Tactical Rail.

So I can’t speak highly enough of your service, your product and just how simply perfect it is.


Maurie D.

After I watched the video I figured there was no reason to read the instructions. I got me a file as you suggested and what do you know, it went right in after filing just a little. I can not tell you how impressed I was
that I sent you a e-mail, went to to take a shower, and in less that 5 minutes you called me back. I am 68 years old, have done business with all kinds of
people and companies but none can hold a candle to you. It is good to know there is someone such as yourself that takes pride in his product and takes
care of his customers even when you know the product works and the dummies just need to read a little bit. I won’t forget your quick response and will be sure to tell my friends about you.  Thanks for your time and effort.

Your New Friend,

Gidday Mate,

What a product! For a number of years my Winchester 94 levers have sat in the back of my safe.  Due to my failing eye sight a scoped rifle has been
first choice when going hunting. Your mount system has changed that in a big way. Within an hour of receiving the product in the mail I had it mounted
along with a red dot sight on my Winchester 94 trapper. The following day I used it on a hunt and bagged 6 hogs with 6 shots. I am in love with my levers again and I have just ordered another mount for my Winchester 94 375 big bore. Again great product!


Queensland, Australia

.375 Winchester Big Bore Testimonial

“I mounted a  red dot and took it to the range today.  I can tell you how happy I am. I can actually hit the target now!  At 100 yds I put’em all within the 9
ring (a huge improvement).  As far as I can tell the mount hasn’t moved and is solid as a rock.  This is such a great idea. Anyway, for now the pigs better watch out!”


“Just wanted to say thanks for the rails.  I had a chance to both sight and hunt
with your rail system on my 1981 94 trapper. At the range I was grouping under 2″ at 100 yards with a H1 Aimpoint. I believe it could group better with someone with younger eyes shooting. This weekend I took a hog at 128 yards off-hand, one shot with perfect placement. One of the concerns I had with your rail was its repeatability but after shooting many rounds and transporting in a soft case the gun is still dead on. Thanks for the great product. I would recommend it to anyone with a top eject 94.”



You hit a home run man.  Great product, easy to install, looks great. I now have a red dot sight on my Win 94. Bravo, Maestro.”

Scott Albright

“Did I mention shipping?  Got that sucker fast man. Thanks Basil!”

“I made the mistake of ordering an XS systems rail for my gun through
Brownells.  Of course because mine is not the AE model it requires drilling and tapping. I am a mechanical engineer and really appreciate when someone solves a problem simply and effectively.

I thought you would like some pictures of the final product.  The rail went on fairly easily and aligned with the barrel nicely.  As you recall I had some fun with scopes and soon settled on the Vortex Sparc.”

“I love your product.”

Brock M., Canada

“Received my rail today. Got it on the rifle just to see how it fit and it looks
really good so far. Haven’t snugged it down yet but looking to do so today. Thank you again for your time and cooperation. I really appreciate it!”

Andrew, USA

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