Questions & Answers | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question:  What’s the price of the rail?
Answer: Go to the Purchase Page, all ordering information is there.

      2.  Question:   What does it cost to ship?
Answer: $4.50 Domestic U.S.,  $14.50 for Canada, and 
$17.50 for ALL other International shipping. Costs for shipping are automatically added at the time of checkout. 

      3.  Question:  How long does it take to ship and receive the rail?
Answer: All orders usually ship in 1-5 business days, with the exception of holidays. First Class Mail. 2-5 days domestic, 1-4 weeks  on International orders, depending on the remoteness of where you live.

      4.  Question:  Will it fit XYZ Model?
Answer: These rails do fit the AE receivers, however they are not fit by models for the most part, there are just too many of them.  They are fit by measuring your gun as shown on the Purchase  Page.

      5.   Question:  Will it fit an Octagon barrel or Rifle length barrel?
Answer:  In most cases, yes.  It may require some file fitting of the block for zeroing. Shoot your gun first to see. You might possibly need a custom drilled rail. Measure it and see.  Also, see Question #4.

      6.  Question:  Which optics work with this rail?
Answer: Same as any firearm equipped with a Picatinny rail.  View the Testimonial Page to see what other people have used.  Your wallet usually determines what optic you get as they can be priced from $50–$5000.

      7.  Question:  Where can I get an optic or scope?
Answer: Check our Optics Page!

      8.  Question:  What mounting rings should I get or need?
Answer:  You don’t need any if you mount one of the smaller optics, as they clamp on. With scopes, you’ll need medium height rings.

      9.  Question:  Can I use my regular Rifle Scope?
Answer:  NO. It doesn’t have enough eye relief and pistol scopes have too much.  You need and “IER” or “Scout” scope.

     10. Question:  Can I still use my existing tang sight?
Answer:  Yes, but the rail comes with an adjustable rear sight in place and increases the factory sight radius. The rail sight can become a middle sight if you wish to still use your tang sight as they both line up with the front sight.